Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Army of Ten

There are two things that I absolutely adore about writing Young Adult.

The first thing is the kids themselves.

I LOVE writing for teens. I love the challenge of it and the satisfaction of it and the interactions with teens. I guess that's because a part of me never really grew up.

The second thing is the community.

YA writers are a very tight-knit community. It's really like we're all in a big high school. Sure, there are cliques just like every school has. There are the cool kids, the popular kids, the mean kids. But pretty much all of these 'kids' are nerds at heart. Which is pretty awesome.

I'm still nothing but a lowly freshman, but I am working my way up. Lowly freshman need help once in a while from some of the cool upper classmen. I've gotten plenty of that and I appreciate it a billion times over.

So, when a moment comes a long where I can try and help one of these 'upperclassmen' I take it and run with it.

Now that the longest intro to a blog post EVER is complete, here's the meat of this post.

This lovely lady...

Talented, beautiful and all-around kickass, this Young Adult author is one of my favorites. Her new novel, Ten, is nearing its release date. And the buzz has been phenomenal. I, myself, can not wait to get my hands on a copy.

Look below to see why...

Now you want it, too, right? RIGHT?!

I thought so.

But it seems that Barnes & Noble has a different opinion on the matter.
The well-known bookstore chain has decided not to stock copies of Ten.
Which is pretty much insane.
Because this book is going to rock.

So, I'm pledging right now, today, that I will go to my local B&N and request a copy of Ten on its release date, September 18, 2012. I won't order it from there. Nope, I'll just request it. Instead, I will be picking up Ten from my local Inde bookstore, which WILL have it in stock. 

If you would also like to show your support for this exciting new book and its wonderful author, as well as win some awesome prizes, check out The Army of Ten.