Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Fresh Start

Hey everyone!

I have formerly blogged under the title of Word Luster or Word Lust.
Due to some issues to my account, pretty much all of my  information on my blog and emails was erased. Rather than trying to rebuild that blog as it was before, I decided to start anew. Hopefully, you will all like the focus of my blog here as well. Actually, I hope you like it better.

On this blog, the focus is clear.. Amy Rose Writes -- or something like it.

I will feature some of my work, though only a little.
For the most part, I plan to focus on the insanity of trying to be a writer and also on the books and authors that inspire me every day to keep typing away. I hope you enjoy the posts. They will most certainly be silly and frivolous and maybe once in a while a tiny bit inspirational. We shall see. :-P

Anyhow, welcome to the blog and thanks so much for stopping by!

Oh, and p.s. there was a giveaway going on at Word Lust when all of my information was lost. I will start that giveaway fresh in the future.


  1. Good luck lovely. Sometimes a fresh start is a good thing. Sounds like you are embracing it. Maybe I should try one. ;)

    1. Thanks, Gae! You are a doll. I'm trying. I was a little overwhelmed anyhow. So this fresh start thing is looking pretty good so far. I'll have to rebuild followers, but who has time to worry about that anyway? :-P