Thursday, March 1, 2012

14 Day Challenge

Yes, I know. That's a sticker for some sort of weight loss challenge.

But that's not what I'm doing here.

I am embarking on a 14 day challenge to finish the first draft of what I lovingly refer to as Project Burnout.

Is it Project Burnout because I will literally burnout and be a shell of a person by the time I'm done? Yes and no. The title of the book is actually Burnout. It's about a girl who becomes addicted to Speed.. not the drug, but actual speed.. in a car.. a 1968 Camaro to be exact. It's a sweet story. Really. No, not really.

But the point is... I am about halfway through the novel right now and I keep allowing myself to be distracted and give in to the oh-so-many other things out there that I would sometimes rather be doing. And then I pout and mope around because my novel isn't finished.


All of you lovely people that are following me, help me out here, will you? Hold me accountable. Badger me and nag me and ask me how many words I've written on any given day.

I will post on here as regularly as possible with updates on how I'm handling this challenge. It's just 14 days. I mean, how hard can it be? O.O

Best Wishes,

Amy Rose


  1. Awesome. I'm right there with you. Doing my own little version of nanowrimo for the month of March to get my new story drafted. Story is outlined, sticky-noted, and ready to go! I'll badger you if you badger me! :)

  2. So how did the challenge go? If you didn't make it- there is a solid two weeks here before the end of the month.

    1. Hey Eileen! Thanks for stopping by. The challenge went sort of well. lol. I didn't accomplish the full goal, but I did get a lot more done in than I would have otherwise. I'm much closer to finishing now and am confident that will happen within the next week. :-/ Hopefully.